My name is Sheila Skogen and I'm very happy to meet you, even if it is over the internet. I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and why photography is such a passion of mine.

I'll begin by telling you that, in my daily life, I play a lot of roles. I'm a mother, sister, friend, and admittedly, a lover of purses. I have a beautiful daughter who assists me with my photography, and will soon be joining me in expanding my genre offerings.  She is in charge of the "business" and social media side of From Moments to Memories, but soon will be behind the lens as well.  She definitely keeps me on my toes.  We like to travel, hang out at the local refuge (we're suckers for nature), go for hikes, take in a movie, hang out at the coffee shop and love all things Disney.    


When I'm not hanging with her, I'm usually out doing what I love, which is photographing a high school senior or a beautiful family. 



I'm proud to say that I've had many human beings step in front of my lens. Unlike some photographers, though, I take a more stylized approach to my photography. That means I think things through from start to finish, from head to toe, from foreground to background.  The most important thing for me is that you LOVE your photos. A beautiful end result is what I strive for.  My reviews and my work speak for themselves.

I hope that from this brief introduction of myself, you understand that I am not just a woman who takes random pictures. I am a photographer. And I don't just click the shutter button on my camera -- I capture the inner and outer essence of whomever is standing on the other side of my lens.

Thank you for stopping by and stop back often! I am always adding new content!


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