{Lisa and Jill} TWINS! Downtown Urban and Riverside Senior Photo Session | Graduation Pictures in Elk River

Lisa and Jill were my first set of twins to shoot for the Class of 2017. I had two sets of twins this year.  I've known these girls since early middle school, and again, it floors me how fast and beautiful they grew up!  I can't believe they are graduating in less than two months!  They both are members of the Class of 2017 at Elk River High School. They both are happy, hard-working girls who like to have fun and love adventure!

Lisa and Jill didn't have a preference of location so we decided on downtown Anoka, and another day we checked out downtown Elk River. Both days did not disappoint. They both picked classy outfits with their favorite colors that looked great with their eyes. They were also worried that they wouldn't take great pictures. They couldn't have been further from the truth! They did a great job and both days were super fun! 

I asked both of them if they had any advice to give future seniors before their shoot. Jill said, "Don't be too picky, you look great!" And Lisa said, 

Their overall senior photo experience? Jill: "Awesome! Sheila is very talented." Awww, thanks! Lisa said she had a ton of fun.  It WAS a ton of fun!

After graduation, Jill will be attending Winona State University where she plans to major in Business. Lisa plans to continue her education as well. I know both will do well in whatever they choose to do and have a blast doing so!

Congratulations, Lisa and Jill!