Why Hire a Professional Photographer? | Minneapolis, MN Senior Portraits

"Thanks for the info, but we found someone with a good camera who will do it for free."  

"Susie said she would take my senior photos, and put all 150 of them on a CD for me."

Would you trust your husband to cut your hair? After all, he's got a great pair of shears. How about your teenage son doing your landscaping? He mows exceptionally well!  And why not have your best friend's cousin's sister's aunt do professional senior photos? I mean, she has a great fancy camera, right?


Just because someone has the right camera, does not mean you should entrust an amateur to capture the milestones in your life. Even if it's a nice, expensive one. 

As a student, you’re busy with school, sports, college visits, etc., and if you’re a parent of a student, you’re equally as busy. I take the hassle out of process to make your senior  photography session enjoyable and stress free.
I have several years of experience specializing in senior photography. I know how to capture these moments in ways that are special and memorable. "A picture is worth a thousand words" has subtle nuances. To capture them, it is essential to have a trained eye and perfect timing. Having hundreds of photos under my belt doesn’t hurt either.  

I have the camera and technical skills to capture your best you!  It is NOT the camera that takes the picture. It is the photographer! To consistently take beautiful portraits, you need more than fancy gear. You need to know how and when to work with that fancy gear on whatever lighting circumstance you’re in. It’s much more than pointing and shooting. Even on the most perfect days at the perfect locations, lighting can be tricky. I have seen many senior portraits online that make me cringe at the lighting.  The hottest, brightest, sunniest time is NOT the best time for pictures. Shadows on faces and eyes squinting does not make a perfect portrait.

Want a fun, hip, urban Downtown Minneapolis location?  Or would you prefer a beautiful park in Elk River? I have many location options in the Twin Cities area for your senior photo session, taking the stress of finding the perfect spot off your shoulders!  With that being said, I'm also open to a session at your choice location if you've happened upon the perfect place!  Another part of my job as an experienced senior photographer is to pose you in ways that are flattering, put you in the best light (literally) and make you feel at ease.

Plus, there’s much more that goes into making your senior photography session so much fun and worthwhile!

The quality of your photos should be the number one factor you consider before even thinking about price. My photos speak for themselves. My portfolio is the purest reflection of me, and how I capture your fondest memories.