{AJ} Senior Baseball Session | Elk River Senior Pictures | Elk River, Minnesota

Hello and welcome back to my blog! This week I am featuring AJ!

AJ is a senior at Elk River High School and a member of the Class of 2019. His extracurricular activities include baseball and basketball. He enjoys the outdoors and skateboarding, as well as hunting with his dogs. I had a great time hanging out with him and his parents and those dogs! He describes himself as funny, outgoing and friendly. I agree wholeheartedly! He was so fun to talk to!

AJ wanted his senior pictures to represent all sides of him in his natural every day look. One that showed his love of sports and also a bit classier look. Hales Field in Elk River is (and was) a huge part of his life with lots of memories, so we started out there for baseball shots. He brought all of his baseball equipment to “accessorize”. The lighting was fantastic this late summer evening.

a teenager getting his senior baseball photos taken at Elk River Hales Field.

I asked AJ how she would advise someone else on how to prepare for their senior photo session. He responded:

“Figure out places you would think make good backgrounds as well as great outfits that show who you are.”

He is absolutely correct! From Moments to Memories helps with this as well. We have taken seniors all over the Twin Cities area and have great locations we can suggest. From urban to country, we know some awesome locations. We are always looking for new locations as well!

senior boy getting his baseball pictures taken at Hales Field in Elk River, Minnesota.

We then headed down the road to Bailey Point Nature Preserve which is an amazing park. AJ’s opinion of the park? It is one of the most beautiful outdoor places in his home city of Elk River, Minnesota. I frequent the park quite often for my nature photography and love when my seniors pick this park. The sunsets here are fantastic and we even run into deer often on sessions at this location.

As I mentioned, AJ also brought his pups along. They were so fun and friendly! At one point, one even jumped into the river! So much fun!

elk river senior boy baseball pictures.jpg

What’s one piece of advice AJ has for other seniors during their senior session?

“Be yourself. Don’t wear something that doesn’t express who you really are each day.”

AJ’s overall senior photo experience?

“I had a fantastic time taking pictures as well as talking with Sheila. I believe my photos came out better than expected, and I loved how they all looked.”

AJ plans to attend the College of St Scholastica, major in secondary education, and pursue his dreams in baseball.

I am sure that AJ will do well! His future looks very bright! Thanks to AJ and his parents for entrusting me with his senior photos!