Scheduling Your Senior Portrait Session | Twin Cities Senior Photographer | Elk River Senior Pictures

When should I schedule my senior pictures? I get asked this question quite frequently and wanted to shed some light on the subject.  Officially, my senior season begins in the Spring of your JUNIOR year.  If you are graduating in 2020, your senior photo session should be booked no later than June or July! And that may be cutting it short for a busy senior photographer.  I start booking in February and am usually full for the season by the end of July.  This does not mean your photos need to be done that early, but I highly recommend you book by July.  I get calls every year in September looking to book fall senior photos and unfortunately, I have to turn them away because I am full. I start shooting in May and go up until the following March. If you are looking to book your shoot for fall, DO NOT WAIT until fall to book. You will have a difficult time finding a good photographer who is not full.

Most high schools require you to have your yearbook photo submitted by October or November, and I have seen it as early as August or September.  I keep a list of yearbook deadline dates for the local schools every year so I am kept in the loop. All of my packages include yearbook photo submission. It's my job to know when your yearbook photo is due. 

Not sure what season you want?  Here are a few pointers for you….

Graduation Pictures in Spring

Spring weather in Minnesota is beautiful! May flowers are blooming, the air is cool, and it is almost literally bug-free. Fun, beautiful sundresses and light clothing is the norm! Those who get their photos done in May or June are able to enjoy their summer and not have to worry about their senior photos!

teenaged girls getting their senior portraits taken in summer.
fun senior girl pictures at mill ruins park in downtown minneapolis, minnesota

Summer Senior Pictures

Summer is definitely the most popular season for senior photos. Summer is hot. I’m not gonna lie. I shoot in the evenings so it is a little cooler, albeit more buggy. The golden hour lighting of summer cannot compare! It is the season of wide-brim hats and tall grass! Some of my favorite photos have been shot in the summer!

teenage girl with summer dress and hat getting her senior portraits taken at henry’s woods park in rogers
summer senior pictures in minnesota

Senior Portraits in Fall

Fall. What can I say about fall? My favorite time of year. “October is my favorite color.”  The season of sweaters, boots, pea coats and beautiful scarves.

If you are involved with after-school activities, please keep in mind that once school starts seniors are BUSY. Homecoming, sports, homework deadlines, college applications and visits, etc. Not to mention I am also very busy in the fall. My normal editing time is 2-3 weeks. Once August and September hit, it moves to 3-6 weeks.  Please keep that in mind for yearbook submission deadlines.  If we are in a pinch for editing time, I have edited the yearbook photo and sent it on through.

teenagers getting their senior portraits taken in the fall in minnesota.

Winter Senior Pictures

Winter. Ah….Winter in Minnesota. I have to say my favorite senior session to date was shot in February. It was 12 degrees outside but you would never know it. There is something to be said for beautiful winter snow pictures. The lighting is absolutely fantastic in the winter and the snow? Well, that speaks for itself!

senior girl in elk river getting her portraits taken at woodland trails park, elk river, minnesota.
teenage girls getting their senior photos taken in winter, elk river, anoka, snow, minnesota

Whichever time of year you choose, I have beautiful locations to compliment the season. Just remember to book your session early!