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{Alexa and Avary} Senior Portrait Session | Princeton High School | Minneapolis Senior Photographer

Hello! I am super excited to bring you Alexa and Avary on the blog today!

Alexa and Avary are twins if you hadn’t guessed! They are seniors at Princeton High School and are members of the Class of 2019. Alexa describes herself as compassionate, fun and outgoing. Avary also describes herself as outgoing, along with funny and driven. Both are amazingly beautiful, inside and out! They are both involved in many extracurricular activities, including the National Honor Society and on the Student Council. Alexa is also a member of the Cross Country and Track teams, while Avary is involved with SADD and on the Prom Committee.

After a couple of cancellations due to weather, we were able to meet up just after school started last fall. The twins decided on three locations, Downtown Anoka, Henry’s Woods Park in Rogers, and Otsego Park for the golden hour sunset. The weather was extremely warm and windy!

We started off in Downtown Anoka, where we took some great urban shots. Alexa liked this location because it was “edgy” and had a lot of cool architecture and scenery.

A Princeton High School Senior having her senior portraits taken in Downtown Anoka, Rogers and Otsego Park, Minnesota.

I take a lot of seniors to Downtown Anoka in the summer and fall. This is one of my favorite locations. It is so versatile. So many different types of brick backgrounds. It has a heritage-type feel and look to the downtown area. There are also some great parks and the beautiful Rum River Dam.

We then headed to another popular area for families and seniors, Henry’s Woods Park in Rogers, Minnesota. The location has a great red barn, along with a beautiful bridge over a stream tucked back in the woods. It is by far my favorite place to shoot in the fall!

Alexa chose to accessorize her wardrobe with a great wide brim hat to go along with her dress. She was looking for a natural and fun look!

A teenage girl from Princeton High School getting her senior portraits taken in Anoka, Rogers, and Otsego, Minnesota.

I asked Alexa how she would advise someone else on how to prepare for their senior photo session. She responded:

Pick your outfits out ahead of time. Also, have a back up date because you can’t control the weather!

Avary’s advice was similar!

Choose outfits that would work well with the scenery you want!

I couldn’t agree more! From Moments to Memories helps with this as well. I have several blog posts on how to prepare for your senior session, from outfit ideas to accessorizing. I also have a Senior Client Guide I will provide when you book with us. You can follow us on Pinterest for lots of tips on preparation as well!

Avary was also going with a natural look, more so to show who she really is. She based her accessories off the look she was going for. Very natural and simple. All of the above made for some amazing images.

High school senior girl having her Class of 2019 senior portraits taken in various locations in Minnesota.

We then headed to Otsego Park in Otsego where the golden hour sunset lighting was spectacular and made for some gorgeous backdrops! Both girls are beautiful, and the lighting only added to the ambiance. Avary wanted photos in a grass field, and they were gorgeous!

A Princeton, Minnesota high school senior having her senior photos taken at Otsego Park and Henry’s Woods Park in Minnesota.

Avary’s overall senior photo experience?

Good! It was a little warm, but it was better than rain!

How about Alexa?

I enjoyed it. It was pretty warm out, but overall was very fun!!

If you want to check out some fun behind the scenes of this session and others, you can check out From Moments to Memories Instagram highlights (under “BTS”)! Make sure you follow us on Instagram: @frommomentstomemories!

Twin high school senior girls getting their senior pictures taken in downtown Anoka, Minnesota.

The girls will be attending college in the fall. Avary will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where she will major in Marketing; Alexa will be going to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, where she will study Exercise Science. Both girls have a bright future ahead of them!

Best wishes to Avary and Alexa with all of their future plans!

{Hannah} Fun Senior Dance Session | Minneapolis Senior Pictures | From Moments to Memories Photography & Design

Hey all, another blog post for my Class of 2018 seniors!  We are getting down to the wire here, with only a couple of short months left before graduation!  I'm so excited for the entire Class of 2018!

I had so much fun with all of my seniors this past season, and Hannah was no exception. Hannah is a senior at Elk River High School.  She is a member of the Elk River Dance Team and describes herself as outgoing, open-minded and honest. I have to add funny to that list.  Hannah went to school and danced with my daughter, Baylee, so we had some amazing fun that night!  She also brought her cousin and her mom to her session. Memorable!

We did Hannah's session in my favorite season, Fall. The leaves were just starting to change and it was such a beautiful day!  Hannah chose Downtown Anoka for her location.  This is a very popular location for seniors, because of the diversity it has (I do too!).  It has so many different "locations within a location", and Hannah loved it because she could have both city and country photos!  It is easy for a photographer to get many different poses/shots so each senior can have their own unique experience!

Baylee did some behind the scenes video and pictures for our Snapchat and Instagram stories. Earlier in the summer, I bought a changing tent to take on location with us to make it easier to change for them. Beats changing in the car with extreme temps!  Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from my iPhone.

girl getting senior pictures taken in downtown anoka, minnesota

We started out in the park area along the Rum River for some beautiful pictures on the river.  Hannah brought her pom poms to get some dance team/pom pictures. The outfits Hannah chose fit perfectly with each section of Anoka. Hannah says she was going for a look that describes her and who she is.  I would say she definitely made it work!

minneapolis senior pictures dance cheer girl with pom poms on the rum river in anoka

Hannah did her own makeup, which looked fabulous! As a side note, if you are unsure of makeup application, we do offer that as a new add-on this year!

We then headed through historic downtown Anoka for some more great pictures, this time a more urban setting. There are so many different shops and cafes, with nooks and crannies that make great backdrops.

girl getting senior pictures taken in an urban setting in downtown anoka, minnesota
minneapolis senior photographer taking pictures of girl senior in downtown anoka, minnesota

We headed a couple of blocks down for some country pictures at the feed mill, which is right down the block. This was my favorite outfit of hers!

senior girl picture at feed mill in country

Our final stop was the river again for sunset and BFF photos with her cousin. Love me some Golden Hour!  

fall senior girl pictures on the rum river in anoka, minnesota

Hannah's advice for other seniors getting their picture taken?  "Schedule your day out so you are not running behind and worrying about being late. Make sure you know what outfit you want first and how you are doing your hair and makeup ahead of time." 

I also asked Hannah what her overall experience was with her senior session. Her response? 

"I loved it! I had so much fun taking these photos!"

We did too, Hannah! After high school Hannah plans to attend college and live her life to the fullest!

Good luck in all you do, Hannah! You really are a super fun girl, and I wish you the best!

{Shayne} Beautiful Senior Photo Session | Minneapolis Senior Pictures | Portrait Photographer in Minneapolis

{Shayne} Beautiful Senior Photo Session | Minneapolis Senior Pictures | Portrait Photographer in Minneapolis

It's a blogging kind of snow day! I'm sure Shayne is gearing up for graduation! Only a few short months away now! Congratulations, Shayne!

{Levesque Family} | Minneapolis Family Portraits

Good afternoon everyone, and happy Friday!

Oh how I just adore the family I'm blogging about today. I'm lucky enough to say I've had the opportunity to photograph this family before, which was so much fun! I truly can't believe how much the children have grown and changed since I first met them back in 2015. 


This beautiful family consists of Mom (Kay), Dad (Sean), Conner, Renae and Caden.

Caden is 8 and full of energy and charisma! He has a tender heart for Jesus and prays like a warrior!  Renae is 11 and is an awesome combination of spunk and princess. She is creative and crafty, and is always coming up with fun ideas. Conner is 13 and is a teenage boy. Therefore, he loves anything technology related! He is athletic and currently enjoys basketball and soccer.

And, it goes without saying, that Kay and Sean are amazing people as well. Kay is a former Miss North Dakota and has traveled throughout the Midwest speaking and singing to a variety of groups. She is a former high school teacher and a home school mom. Sean is an outgoing and eternal optimist. Shawn has spent his career motivating and inspiring others through his roles as a teacher, personal coach, trainer, instructor and presenter. 

I was so excited when Kay called me to take their photos again. I don't think I could have scheduled them fast enough! I was so excited for our session! 

What's so amazing about this family you ask? Well, everything! But what makes this family extra special is that they are on a mission. A mission against the horrors of modern-day slavery. Human trafficking. A mission to raise awareness about social injustice and mobilize individuals and communities to bring hope to their neighbors in tangible ways. This summer they will be hitting the road and traveling the country in an RV to do just that.  They will be headed to roughly 20 cities, and spending 5-6 weeks per city. Can you imagine such a selfless act? Me neither!

As for the day of the shoot, we had so much fun! You wouldn't know it was only 12 degrees and FREEZING!  I chose Downtown Anoka for something different. I bring my seniors down there all the time, but the Levesque's were my first family at this location. Kay was looking for a more urban look which aligned more with where they will be doing much of their ministry.

They chose to wear their ministry t-shirts and ministry colors. Kay found almost everything at second hand stores. Shopping second hand is one way they choose to approach not directly supporting labor trafficking. 


Kay says the favorite part of their session was "telling my kids about how models have to work in uncomfortable weather conditions and can't let it show--so it was our turn. Sheila can edit out red noses and red cheeks - but not bad attitudes. The kids were rock stars. We loved the creative places and poses Sheila could find."

Words of wisdom for other families preparing for a family session? "Have fun! Let Sheila pick where to go - she has good ideas. Laugh together, and enjoy the moment!"

I wish the Levesque's much success, and my prayers are with them every step of the way!  For more information about their mission, and how you can  help, please visit their website at