Henry's Woods Senior Pictures

{Colton} High School Senior Session at Henry’s Woods | Rogers Senior Photographer

Next up for the Class of 2019 is Colton! Colton attended Rogers high School and was a member of the Class of 2019. He describes himself as smart, nice, and funny! After getting to know him, I would have to agree! Colton was a member of the National Art Honor Society and is an amazing artist.  Colton’s mom, Tracee, and I work together. I had done Colton’s sister’s (Cailyn) senior portraits the previous year. 

Colton wanted a much simpler setting other than Downtown Minneapolis, so we went to Henry’s Woods Park in Rogers. We went during the Minnesota Education Association (MEA) weekend in mid-October, which is always the prime weekend for fall color. It did NOT disappoint!  Cailyn had some of her photos taken here, and Tracee wanted some images at the red barn.

What is one piece of advice Colton has for other seniors getting their picture taken?

It isn’t that hard to take senior photos, so do it for the family memories. 

Great advice!  I agree! Many boys cringe at the thought of having portraits taken, but in the end, it is always about preserving your memories!

We starting the session at the red barn that is a short walk from the parking lot of the park. This is a very popular area for photographers in the fall. I was happy that there weren’t too many people at the park at that time. There were a few shots Tracee wanted to get for the vision she had of both kids’ canvas prints hanging on her wall.

Rogers High School senior boy getting his photo taken in front of a barn at Henry’s Woods Park in Rogers, Minnesota

We then walked the beautiful path covered with fall foliage down to the bridge over the stream. The fall color was spectacular. This is absolutely one of my favorite locations to shoot in the fall. Senior or family! I book so fast for the fall, I am almost always booked by the end of July for the season.

high school senior pictures in rogers, Minnesota fall foliage

Some advice Colton has for senior portrait preparation?

Dress nice and be appropriate to others!

Colton’s overall senior photo experience?

I loved how we explored around the area to find the best places to shoot.

Rogers teenager having senior pictures taken at Henry’s Woods Park in Rogers, Minnesota

Colton will be attending Gustavus Adolphus College in the fall, where he will major in mathematics and astronomy.

Good Luck, Colton! I am sure you will do amazing!

{Cailyn} Super Fun Senior Cheerleader Session | Rogers Senior Pictures | Henry's Woods | From Moments to Memories Photography & Design

Hey all, another blog post for my Class of 2018 seniors!  We are just a few short weeks away from graduation for all of the wonderful seniors that I have had the pleasure of photographing for the Class of 2018!  I'm hoping I can get all caught up blogging them before then!  We are so excited for them to head out into the world!

I had so much fun with all of my seniors this past season, and Cailyn was no exception. Cailyn is a senior at Rogers High School.  She has been a cheerleader for four years at Rogers and describes herself as positive, intelligent and strong. I would have to agree after getting to know her. What an amazing young woman! 

senior cheerleader girl in bleachers at rogers high school

After having to cancel twice due to weather and personal reasons beyond control, we finally were able to do Cailyn's session over MEA weekend last fall. It turned out great, as the weather was beautiful and the fall colors were popping!  Baylee did Cailyn's makeup for her, but she needed no help, as she is absolutely a stunning girl!  Cailyn chose three locations for her senior photos. Rogers High School, Henry's Woods Park, and the Stone Arch Bridge/St. Anthony area of Downtown Minneapolis. She was going for a look where it really showed who she is as a person. Light, Happy and Fun. I think her photos do just that!

Cailyn chose Rogers High School as our first location, because she cheered for four years and wanted to definitely do senior cheerleading pictures. It was a beautiful day, yet windy, but we were able to work with it! She brought her cheer poms as a prop because she really wanted to show off how much she loves and cares about the sport she was in. She cheered her whole high school career and loved being a cheerleader.

senior girl cheerleading pictures on the football field

Cailyn picked her next location as Henry's Woods Park in Rogers, Minnesota. I don't remember a more beautiful day at Henry's Woods. The fall colors were fantastic, one of the reason's Cailyn chose this location!

senior girl in front of barn at henry's woods park in rogers, minnesota
senior girl in fall color at henry's woods park in rogers, minnesota

We then headed to the Stone Arch Bridge area of Downtown Minneapolis. Cailyn picked this area because she loved the urban feel and look.  St. Anthony is always one of my favorite locations. We took some photos at Mill Ruins Park next to the bridge first. This is always a popular location with local seniors.

senior girl at Mill Ruins Park in Downtown Minneapolis

We then headed up on the bridge for "Golden Hour". These are some of my favorite senior photos I've taken on the Stone Arch Bridge. We were having so much fun we literally ran out of time as it got dark so fast!

Senior girl standing on Stone Arch Bridge in Downtown Minneapolis for photos

Cailyn's advice for those preparing for their senior photo session? "Pick out outfits that you would like to wear and be comfortable in. Search for other locations where you would like to take your pictures at. Have some sort of vision that you would like to see happen and show off your interests. But most importantly is to have fun." Great advice, Cailyn!

More advice?  "Show your brightest smile to the camera, but really just be yourself and have fun!" And she did!

I also asked Cailyn what her overall experience was with her senior session. Her response? 

"Overall it was such a blast!  Sheila and Baylee were amazing and so helpful through the process. I had so much fun as being myself during the shoot. Loved the locations that I went to capture what I was looking for."

We did too, Cailyn! 

What are Cailyn's plans after high school? Since our shoot last fall, Cailyn has received an amazing scholarship to Gustavus Adolphus.  She also just won another scholarship from Rogers High School.  Cailyn plans to major in Archeology and begin her journey into the real world with determination, enthusiasm, and curiosity. She wants to be an Archeologist and travel all over the world.

Good luck in all you do, Cailyn! I know you will succeed in reaching your goals!

{Heather} Gorgeous Senior Photo Session | Senior Dance Portraits | Elk River Senior Pictures


Hello all!  So sorry I haven't been on for a while! I am so busy, as you can imagine! From sessions, to editing, to paperwork! It's a zoo! I may try to make up for it by blogging twice this week :)

I'd like you to meet Heather!  I was so excited when Heather's mom, Chris, contacted me to do Heather's senior photos. A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to take Heather's older sister, Jadyn's senior pictures. I love repeat customers who trust me!  Heather is a senior at Elk River High School, a studio dancer, and is also a member of the Elk River Dance Team.  She describes herself as fun-loving, caring and laid back. I couldn't agree more!

Heather was looking for a more natural, look with a mixture of country and urban locations. We decided on Henry's Woods Park in Rogers; Downtown Elk River, including Handke Pit; and the William H. Houlton Conservation Area in Elk River.  

I had just picked up this awesome changing tent for my seniors to use this year. I was sick of them (and I am sure they were, too) trying to find a place to change and/or changing in the car all the time. I have also been showing behind the scenes of my senior sessions on Snapchat and Instagram this year. It has been a hit with the seniors, and they are having a blast with it. Unfortunately, my assistant was under the weather the day of Heather's shoot so I was on my own with that part of the session. The only behind the scenes photo I could salvage was of her mom helping me with the tent!  Looking good, Chris!


We actually started out at their house. They have a beautiful pond/water arrangement in their yard and Chris had asked if we could incorporate it into her senior session.  The featured photo above shows how Heather meticulously picked her outfits and they were perfect for her!  I think she looks like Jadyn in that photo!

We headed over to Henry's Woods next. It has been very popular with families and seniors this year!  I loved the outfits and accessories Heather chose. She brought a hat, necklaces, and different shoes for each outfit. She had a mixture of casual, high sophistication and country. Perfect!


The next stop was Downtown Elk River. Chris made a great assistant helping me with my diffuser/reflector. Heather told me after that her biggest fear or worry about the photo shoot was being uncomfortable during the session, but that I did a great job making sure that didn't happen! Thanks, Heather!  Look how relaxed and comfy you look! You did an awesome job!  And that Golden Hour sun was amazing! 


We headed over to Handke Pit and did dance pictures next. So graceful! The lighting was really beginning to impress!


And finally, we ended up at the Houlton Conservation Area.  I had used this location in the past when it was Houlton Farm. However, the owner of the farm sold it to the city and the city turned it into a nature conservation area. It has become one of my favorite locations and was perfect for Heather's country theme!


Heather's advice for other seniors preparing for their senior shoot? "Be as prepared as you can be and make sure the pictures are a reflection of your true self. Definitely pick your outfits carefully and have a good idea of which accessories you will want."  Smart words!

Heather plans to attend a four-year university and major in either education or criminal justice/law, while participating on a college dance team!  Good luck, Heather, I know you will do great things!

"Sheila did a wonderful job and made it all so easy for me!"

And that, my friends, is why I love my job!