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{Lisa and Jill} TWINS! Downtown Urban and Riverside Senior Photo Session | Graduation Pictures in Elk River

Lisa and Jill were my first set of twins to shoot for the Class of 2017. I had two sets of twins this year.  I've known these girls since early middle school, and again, it floors me how fast and beautiful they grew up!  I can't believe they are graduating in less than two months!  They both are members of the Class of 2017 at Elk River High School. They both are happy, hard-working girls who like to have fun and love adventure!

Lisa and Jill didn't have a preference of location so we decided on downtown Anoka, and another day we checked out downtown Elk River. Both days did not disappoint. They both picked classy outfits with their favorite colors that looked great with their eyes. They were also worried that they wouldn't take great pictures. They couldn't have been further from the truth! They did a great job and both days were super fun! 

I asked both of them if they had any advice to give future seniors before their shoot. Jill said, "Don't be too picky, you look great!" And Lisa said, 

Their overall senior photo experience? Jill: "Awesome! Sheila is very talented." Awww, thanks! Lisa said she had a ton of fun.  It WAS a ton of fun!

After graduation, Jill will be attending Winona State University where she plans to major in Business. Lisa plans to continue her education as well. I know both will do well in whatever they choose to do and have a blast doing so!

Congratulations, Lisa and Jill!


{Emily} Country Boho Senior Session | St. Michael Albertville Senior Pictures

What a beautiful soul this young lady has on top of her beauty on the outside! I first met Emily back when my daughter and her were in Brownies together.  I can't believe they are graduating in two short months! Emily is a member of the Class of 2017 at Elk River High School.  This passionate, artistic introvert loves swimming, scuba diving, singing, art and playing her oboe and ukulele.

It was so much fun catching up with her and her mom!  And I cannot believe how much they look alike!  Emily didn't have a preference for location and was looking for a classy, hippy, bohemian kind of photo shoot.  I thought the perfect backdrop would be an old abandoned farm I discovered one day in Albertville, Minnesota.  We also headed over to Otsego Park for an evening shoot.  Emily chose simple outfits that she could see herself wearing on a day to day basis to really show off her personality. She was definitely a natural in front of the camera and very photogenic!

I asked Emily if she had any advice to give other seniors preparing for their shoot. She had this to say, "Go with a less-is-more look, be yourself and show off your personality. Also drink lots of water for clear skin, remember shoes for walking, and bring a jacket if it's cold!"  She is wise beyond her years, this one!  

Emily's overall senior photo experience? “Amazing, Sheila is the best!” Awww, thanks! Back atcha, Emily!

After graduation, Emily plans to attend Anoka Ramsey Community College. I know she will do well in whatever she does. She definitely has a bright future ahead of her!

Congratulations, Emily!

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{Jalon} Football-Sports Senior Photo Session | Minneapolis Senior Portraits

Welcome back to my blog! I made a pact with myself to try and blog at least once or twice a week and I'm going to start holding myself accountable! I'd like to countdown to graduation with as many seniors from Class of 2017 as I can.

Today I want you to meet Jalon.  Jalon is a hard-working, exceptional athlete, and an awesome leader to his fellow senior classmates. 


Jalon is a member of the Class of 2017 at Elk River High School. He was a Captain of the Elk River football Team 125 that won the Section 5A Minnesota State High School Championship. It was such an amazing experience!  He is also a member of the National Honor Society. He enjoys sports, weight lifting and spending time with his girl, Haley.

Personally, I had so much fun with his sessions. We started with a summer session in Downton Elk River at the Historic Handke Pit, and Bailey Point Park Reserve. We also had a fall session on the football field he loves to play on, and at Henry’s Woods Park in Rogers. He was definitely a natural in front of the camera and very photogenic. Such a great sense of humor, too!

I asked Jalon whether he had any advice to offer others who were getting ready to take senior pictures. This is what he had to share: 

"Be coachable." 

Jalon’s overall senior photo experience? “Very good. The photographer is just the best.” Aww!  Thanks, Jalon!

After high school, Jalon will be attending the University of St. Thomas where he will play football. He plans to major in Exercise Science and study medicine with the hope of one day becoming a sports physician.

Best of luck to you, Jalon! I know you'll do wonderful things with your life!

{Kate} Super Fun Winter Senior Photo Session | Elk River Senior Photography

When Kate's mom contacted me about a winter senior photo session, I was so excited! Kate is a fun, energetic and beautiful girl. I haven't done a winter session since....well....last winter!  We have had a pretty mild winter, and just enough snow at Woodland Trails in Elk River, to pull off the session.  


Kate's outfits were perfect for the shoot. I loved the color coordination and accessories. Her winter coat with the fur trim really made her eyes pop! It was a beautiful day, although the temperature at the time of the shoot was about 12 degrees, she was a trooper and you would never know by looking at the photos. Typical Minnesota winter!

Kate is a member of the Class of 2017. She loves to dance, travel and anything to do with the outdoors. She is also a member of DECA and recently traveled to New York with the senior group. I am so glad she was up to having fun walking the trails and trekking in the snow for some wonderful senior photos!  Kate plans to attend the University of North Dakota after graduation. 

Kate and her mom loved her senior session, and her advice to others getting ready for their senior shoot?  Just be yourself!

Thanks, Kate, for your awesomeness!  I hope you continue to have a great senior year!