SKOL and the Snow | Minnesota Nature Photography

This past Sunday was an exciting one in Minnesota. My beloved Minnesota Vikings moved on to the NFC Championship game this week against the Philadelphia Eagles. If you’re not a Vikings fan, you just don’t get it. And that’s ok!  

No, it wasn’t the Super Bowl, it wasn’t even a championship game. However, if you’ve been a Vikings fan for as long as I have (and many more), it felt like it!  Year after year we have had heart break. So many games that were decided AGAINST the Vikings at the last minute because of a missed field goal, interception, etc. It NEVER goes our way. Until this past weekend. The adrenaline rush and screaming in my household (there are only 2 of us) was unprecedented. Not sure if I’ve come down from the high yet!  I am hoping to get a group together to head down to Minneapolis this week to catch some evening shots of landmarks that have turned purple in honor of our Minnesota Vikings.  #SKOL #bringithome 

At any rate, while the Vikings were playing INSIDE at U.S. Bank Stadium in the warm temps, the snow was falling OUTSIDE in quite frigid temps. I wasn’t able to venture further than my own back yard (I was feeling a bit under the weather), but I grabbed a few pretties in the snow before the big game.  These will be available in my store in the next couple of days. Enjoy!

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