After the Session

When the session is finished, I will begin going through your photos. I will select the best representation of the images taken at your session to provide your beautiful gallery. All other images are deleted during the culling process, due to closed eyes, lightening issues, mouths open, people in the way, etc. No additional images can or will be released, including original/RAW files (please see contract for details).

The first gallery I send you is “soft-edited”. By this, I mean the photos are edited with just lighting, sharpness, contrast, etc. Your gallery will have anywhere from 25-50 images to choose from, depending on your package selection. You will choose your favorites from this gallery. The amount of photos you get again depends on your package selection. I will then final edit those favorites for your final gallery.

teenaged girl having senior portraits taken at Four Bells area downtown Minneapolis

If you choose to do so, you may upgrade your package or purchase the entire gallery. Full gallery prices depends on how many you have in your preliminary gallery.

Editing and final image delivery takes approximately 3 to 6 weeks, but may take less or longer depending on the season and my schedule. In the event that image delivery is outside of this time, you will be notified.

It is my job to know all yearbook deadlines. I have NEVER missed a yearbook deadline in the entire time I’ve worked with seniors. If it is getting close to the deadline date and I am not done editing your session, you can pick the photo you want for the yearbook. I will edit that photo, send it to your high school yearbook staff, and continue to edit the rest of your session.